Chocolate is not candy. Chocolate is food.


See how wee make K'ul Chocolate

Farm to Bar

Chocolate — the original superfood — what is it and where does it come from?

In a nutshell, chocolate is the fermented and roasted seed of the Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao) ground very fine and combined with sugar. Each step of the chocolate making process has its own technique for excellence that may or not be followed based on economic considerations. At K’ul Chocolate we have chosen to work directly with farmers to ensure we have the highest quality beans in terms of social and environmental responsibility as well as taste.

Like wine, coffee, cheese, bread and many other foodstuffs there are bulk producers who make trade-offs in order to maintain their high volume output. Artisan producers like us have a different approach. Our process is focused on taste and improving the quality of life for everyone we touch. At K’ul Chocolate we travel to the farms, select the beans and import them directly – cutting out the middlemen and any unnecessary costs. We roast, winnow and grind our cacao to create chocolate that not only tastes great and is good for you, but also improves the lives and environment of those who grow and harvest it for us.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to set a new standard and raise the bar.

K'ul (pronounced cool) creates great tasting, good for you, functional chocolate and energy bars. Our bean-to-bar artisan dark chocolate is designed to elevate the superfood status of this vital nourishment. We enhance this powerful snack with other healthy ingredients such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds, guarana and maca powder to provide unique nutritional benefits with a great taste. We are here to change the perceptions around chocolate and create a new attitude for this ancient indulgence choc-full of health benefits – chocolate is food.

The Man Behind K'ul

“Once you’ve faced cancer, nothing else is too intimidating.”

Peter Kelsey is most passionate about two things in life, making great food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; K’ul Chocolate is where these passions meet.

Most people don’t think about chocolate when they think about health, but that’s the magic behind K’ul and the most interesting part of Peter’s story. He wants to show the world that real, pure, simple, dark chocolate is not candy, it is food. Peter’s mission is to prove this by creating all-natural, functional chocolate bars made from simple ingredients that are sourced from cacao farms driven by sustainable practices.

As an accomplished chef and baker, Peter knows the true alchemy of food shows most when there are the fewest ingredients. Simple is better – that’s the thinking behind K’ul and its recipes. Every ingredient serves a purpose.

Peter got the name K’ul from the Mayan word for energy, which is what K’ul bars are crafted to provide you with – the ability to do more and do it better. He’s on a mission to set a new standard and raise the bar.

K’ul photos from our latest travels

We are always exploring the world to find the finest ingredients for our chocolate bars.