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Samuel Von Rutte was born in Switzerland and left his native country for Ecuador 25 years ago. He married a local Ecuadorian woman and lives with his family among the farmers of the area. Ana, Sam’s wife, works as a nurse in the local hospital and is an amazing cook. The couple lives now in an old house right on the cocoa farm where they grow the happiest cacao trees we have ever seen. The variety of their beans is Nacional and have been designated an "Heirloom" bean by Fine Chocolate Industry Association an award held by only eight other farms worldwide. K'UL team spent time on the farm, and Peter bought beans from Sam with a handshake. Beans have nutty but delicate aroma with notes of mild red fruits. Very mellow initial profile that persists throughout. Complex nutty and caramel / honey / malty notes dominate the flavor. This is backed by a smooth, mild, very low bitterness to the chocolate. Has some mild red fruit flavor notes - both ripe and under-ripe and a hint of lemon. Our Limited Edition chocolate is a single origin bar made from a 100% Sam's beans.
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