Why K'UL is COOL? Or 6 facts about our superfood bar line which will chocolate you out!

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1. K'UL Endurance dark chocolate bar has 600 mg. of guarana, which is equivalent to a commercial energy drink. 

2. K'UL means energy in the Mayan language. But not just energy of the physical world, but also energy as it relates to the sacred. Symbolizing how energy travels through vibrations and the four manifestation of wave energy the Mayan tradition. 

3. Dark chocolate is low-glycemic registering 25 on the index as compared to pasta at 55, rice at 89, or whole wheat bread at 68. This means that even there is vegan organic cane sugar in our chocolate, that sugar is released slowly and gently into the body for sustained energy. All out bars are 70% dark chocolate, this is why its good for you! 

4. Our logo is an actual picture of the cross-section of a cocoa pod and not a mysterious symbol.

5. The algal protein we use is a new ingredient on the market. It came to light thanks to renewable and clean energy sourcing research. A group of entrepreneurs tried to make biodiesel from algae. Not only did they succeed but a byproduct is a wonderful, delicious and very protein-dense powder which has been launched on the market under the brand Algavia. 

6. Our Stamina bar contains Maca, which Peruvians have used Maca root as food and medicine to promote fertility, endurance, energy, vitality, and sexual virility for millennia.  Soon after the Spanish Conquest in South America occurred the Spanish began to experience poor health and infertility, as did their livestock due to the high altitude of the Andes. The native Peruvians recommended to the Spaniards that they feed their livestock and themselves Maca. The results were so dramatic that many of the first written records ever kept for the Andean region were passages about Maca. There are also historical notes recording that the Conquistadors began demanding to be paid in Maca instead of gold.




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