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Autumn has arrived and we are pleased to announce a new collection of single-origin chocolate bars that will challenge the palates of chocolate lovers and provide the opportunity for a unique tasting journey.

The Single Origin collection includes:

  • The world’s rarest cacao: Maranon White Bean from Maranon River, Peru. This cacao has strong floral notes as well as orange and butterscotch.
  • Haitian cocoa from the Kafupbo farmer - owned cooperative in Petit Bourg de Borgnes, Haiti. This cocoa has notes of red fruit, jasmine, and licorice.
  • Forastero cocoa from the Fazenda Camboa farm in Bahia, Brazil. This cocoa has notes of malt, grapes, and brown sugar.
  • Heirloom cacao from the Hacienda Limon farm in Los Rios, Ecuador. This cacao has notes of brown sugar, citrus, and butter.


The Single Origin line not only provides consumers with the unique ability to compare and contrast these diverse chocolates, but it connects them directly to the farmers who grow the cocoa beans. We at K'UL do not work with consolidators, export companies, or any kind of middle man. Instead, we travel directly to Peru, Haiti, Brazil, and Ecuador, meeting and dealing directly with the farmers. We roast, winnow and grind our cacao to create chocolate that not only tastes great and is good for you, but also improves the lives and environment of those who grow and harvest it for us.

 “We’ve been committed to working directly with the farmers since we started K’ul,” said K’ul founder Peter Kelsey. “These Single Origin lines showcase that commitment, and they give those of us in the north the chance to try some exquisite chocolates.”



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