ThrowBackThursday: Past and Future of K'UL

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In 2017 we are very happy to be Best of Twin Cities again. 
While packing lots of samples for tonight's party at the Orchestra Hall, our team was having a flashback on how it all has started.
The K'UL Chocolate factory in Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis officially started its operation Aug 2015. But the story of K'UL's creation goes back to end of 2013 - beginning of 2014, when our founder Peter was standing in front of the shelf at REI trying to pick some snacks for his long bike ride (Peter is a dedicated road cyclist). He did not find anything he really liked and went home empty handed but with an idea to make his own superfood bar. As a lifelong Chef, educated at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, Peter was determined to make best tasting energy bar on the market. After lots of studies he landed on dark chocolate as a base for his soon-to-be bars; got couple of countertop chocolate making machines and turned the basement of his house into a laboratory. All of 2014 and part of 2015 were spent in that little basement laboratory experimenting with different beans, ingredients and recipes. Since then, we have come a long way from that basement and now are a company with nationwide distribution and working on overseas export deals. Today, we want to say THANKS to all the people who supported us on our journey, express love and gratitude to our customers and partners, and also mention a few people who have contributed helping us to become who we are now.
Thank you Boriana Strzok and 5IVE for creating our core design and especially our K'UL logo, which in a nutshell is a cross section of the cacao pod. 
Thank you Alexandra Dela and Laura Robertson for your suggestion to add Maca to the Stamina Bar - it has become one of our bestsellers and opened many doors for us. 
Thank you Orion Cycling, Koochella and Jet Cycling teams for inspiring us to create Electrobar - the 'after race" source of electrolytes including potassium, which tastes great and is becoming a hit.
Thank you Ed Seguine for helping us start and always supporting us with your advice and expertise.  
There are many many more words of love and gratitude to many other people who helped us and inspired us. We do remember each and every of you! 
We have started as an energy bar company, and have evolved into single origin and artisan chocolate making. Now we have so many soon-to-be released products and new projects, that our original concept can not accommodate it all. 
K'UL means "energy" in mayan. But it also means "fun" in Swedish. 
We are not just a chocolate maker. We are FUN! 

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