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It is snowing in Minneapolis. Folks are finally changing gears from sandals to Patagonias, Sorrels, Uggs and other closed-toe wear. At our shop we are drinking sipping chocolate, preparing Christmas gifts - wrapped variety packs and dreaming about tropical islands. Today, we want to share something about one of them:  Maui. We won't be talking about tourist-must-see spots - there is enough info about those in numerous travel blogs. This short article is to highlight some dear personal experiences we lived through while visiting.

1. Ram Dass Retreat. Love Everyone. Tell the Truth. If you like how that sounds and also don't mind 6 am group meditations, followed by sunrise yoga practices and a day full of spiritual teaching, which eventually ends up with kirtan (instrumental music with  call and response chant) - then this is event for you. Enlightenment might not necessarily happen, but loving awareness and bunch of new cool friends - for sure. 

2. Choice Bar.  Just can't have enough! Best vegan food ever. We are not vegans ourselves, but probably could become ones if these gals would take care of our daily menu. Choice serves soups, salads, acai bowls, paleonolas, beauty shots, and numerous of other life-enhancing foods, which boost happiness while providing great nutrition. 

3. Kombucha. Specifically, Leaf & Limb Kombucha. "Some say you are what you eat, but we believe you are what you digest" - says Ben, Founder and Kombucha-brewer. This kombucha is totally worth trying to find. Sold only at the farmers markets and at some restaurants which must meet Leaf&Limb expectations about sustainable and local ingredient sourcing, and health conscious menus.

4. Lumeria. A Mindful Escape. Quietest place for those who are willing to mesmerize themselves by holistic practices and amazing spa. Statues of Buddha, surrounded by wandering chickens, tangerine trees, hot jacuzzi and a cold swimming pool with sea water, amazing little pension-style restaurant, where you have to let the Chef know if you are coming for dinner, because everything is cooked on-demand-fresh. All the veggies they serve grow right in Lumeria's garden, and taking in consideration how many chickens we saw, probably meat grows there as well. 

5. Kuau Convenience Store.  No time to eat on the way to Hana? Or trying to spare some funds to go out later to Mama's Fish House - one more must-eat-there/totally-worth-the-money place? Even if you can't go to those two standards, be sure to stop by this store to grab fresh and ripe Maui grown avocado, which peeps at the counter can cut for you and pair it with some Deli-made poke. Poke is a national Hawaiian dish from fresh raw tuna and onions. This authentic, raw, keto-paleo-friendly and high protein meal will cost you about 10-12 $. 

6. Food trucks near Kahului airport, right off the Haleakala Highway. Hawaiian street food. Yummmm.


We hope you will see Maui. Don't forget to grab some K'UL bars to take with! We brought a lot of chocolate and left with none. Found too many friends to share with. Aloha!


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