K'UL on the trail: 42 days in the Arctic

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What is adventure? We think that many things could be called adventure. Trying new culinary recipes, learning new yoga postures, changing your everyday route to the office is adventure, because adventure involves exploration. In the process, you should learn more about the world around you and more about yourself. 


Today we want to share an unique adventure of our cool friend Laurel and her group, which was organized by Camp Widjiwagan. They have spent 42 days and traveled 450 miles in the Arctic, pushing themselves to the limit, building confidence, and exploring extraordinary places.

We hope that the Q&A story Laurel shared with us will inspire you to go places. 

K'UL:   What has inspired you to go on this trip? 
Laurel: We were inspired to go on the trip because we knew it would be a new kind of challenge, and would help us become stronger versions of our best selves. 
K'UL:  What was your route? (Where did you started and what was the destination point)? 
Laurel: We took a float plane from Yellowknife (in the Northwest Territories) to Heuss Lake, and paddled the Hanbury River in it’s entirety, to where it meets the Thelon River. We continued down the Thelon River until Baker Lake, Nunavut. The route was 450 miles total!
K'UL:  What challenges did you face? Any lessons learned?
Laurel: We faced many challenges throughout the 42 days "on trail". Many of these were physical, such as extreme winds and long days of paddling (up to 16 hours). But we also dealt with mental and emotional challenges, such as dealing with the uncertainty that came from rapidly-changing weather. We learned to be adaptable, and practiced balancing self-reliance with interdependence by supporting and encouraging each other.  K'UL:  Do you have any other trips in mind anytime soon?
Laurel: We've all gone our separate ways, but several of us are hoping to return to Camp to lead trips next year!

K'UL: tell us about your experience of eating K'UL bars on the trail? 

Laurel: The chocolate was incredibly helpful during our 42 days in the Arctic, on so many levels. First of all, nutritionally - we would turn to the bars when we needed quick and long-lasting energy. They were a great supplement to lunch, and an energizing snack throughout the day. Even more, the chocolate lifted our spirits.

When the weather was rough (we experienced many 30 or 40 degree days, and lots of rain and wind), snacking on a K’UL bar really improved our moods. It was also very special to know that your family is connected to Camp Widjiwagan. Eating the chocolate reminded us of the camp’s broad influence, and how lucky we are to be a part of this strong, multi-generational wilderness tradition. Finally, chocolate was something we all would simply look forward to. Even though we each swore by our favorite flavors, we enjoyed each and every bar immensely.



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