Dark Chocolate. Life Enhancing food and Guilt-Free treat. What do YOU think?

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There is a lot being said on dark chocolate consumption benefits. Observational studies, clinical trials and researches are made on this ancient Food of the Gods.

As it has been found by scientists, dark chocolate reduces perceived stress in females, its habitual consumption lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, cocoa flavanols have neuroprotective effects and positively influence cognitive performances. A study from San Diego University found an association between more frequent chocolate consumption and a lower Body Mass Index. Also they found that epicatechin, a component of cocoa, which is commonly found in dark chocolate, can significantly boost heart and leg muscle performance.  

A couple of weeks ago K’UL team spent a day on the streets, meeting people to ask them a simple question “Is Dark Chocolate a health food or a junk food? And if this is a health food, what benefits it has”?

The most common answers were: “It is a health food. It is good for your heart”; “health food depends on how much you eat”; “improves mood and good for your brain”.

We are very grateful to all the beautiful souls whom we met on our way and who participated in our little survey. 

Our adventure is documented here and our research is to be continued... 

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