Cooking with K'UL: Dark Chocolate Lovers and Gluten Free Folks - MUST TRY!

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Today we are happy to share our find of the week - flourless almond - dark chocolate cake. A perfect treat for a noisy family gathering, or cozy evening with a blanket, book and cup of tea.

We have found this recipe in New York Times. The reason we decided to try this exact recipe out is that one of the main ingredients is dark chocolate and we wanted to check to see if we can taste the notes of our single origin bars.  

You will need: 

K'UL bars - we were using Pure Vanilla and Haitian Single Origin. In total 6 oz of chocolate is needed. 

Butter - 20 tbs. 16 of them you would use in the cake itself and 4 will go to the glaze. 

Almond flour -1&3/4 cups 

4 Eggs

Sugar -1 cup 

2 tbs. of espresso 

The original recipe is very detailed and easy. You can find it here 

The result was amazing - the flavor notes of our Haitian bar and Mexican Vanilla were there. Although the coffee was a bit overpowering, so you might consider decreasing the amount of espresso to taste the fine chocolate better. 

Definitely, if you are a dark chocolate lover, or you are gluten free, this cake if for you. Try it out! 


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