K'UL on the Trail: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Valentine’s special: The story of the most romantic #KULtrail. Bora Bora, French Polynesia by Elena Kelsey. 

I always has been an active dreamer. Some of my dreams became plans and thus came true: skydiving, crazy rope jumping from industrial objects, diving, visiting more than 60 countries, etc. Some remain just dreams. For example, submitting an application to The Mars One project - another giant leap for Mankind. A one way journey towards permanent human settlement on Mars. I did not make it. Instead, I experienced a much more dangerous adventure - I fell in love with a foreigner, moved to another country and got married. He might be from Mars. My husband and I had the same honeymoon dream destination: Bora Bora, a paradise island in the middle of French Polynesia. It took us almost a year after we got married to get there. Booth of us wanted it to be special. The Best.

This is why we chose to stay at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. The hotel is located on Motu Tehotu, isolated in an incredibly beautiful lagoon, where the pink glow of the island sunset changes the water from sapphire to turquoise and back again. 
We stayed in a thatched-roof over the water bungalows. We loved diving into the warm
beautiful lagoon right from our room and watch sunrises from our deck. 
A few Travel Tips to Bora Bora:
The island itself is very small. It only takes couple of hours to make it around on a small scooter. Most of the fancy hotels are located on isolated Motu's. So keep in mind that most likely you will be not able to go to the main island whenever you want. The boat to the city was scheduled to depart every day at 2 pm with a few options of coming back in the evening, and it was usually fully booked. However, our hotel was so exceptional (including the staff) which made up for us not being able to go to the island and town when we wanted. In terms of food, breakfast was good, but the other menu left us underwhelmed—and the food is expensive. Luckily, we brought a couple of boxes of our K’UL chocolate, planning to give it away to people and staff. Shame on us, but we ended up by eating almost all the chocolate ourselves, proving our theory that K’UL bars go equally well with wine (champagne in this case!), pre/post workout, or a snack in the middle of any adventure.
Our Top 5 Bora Bora Adventures:
1. Jet skiing around the island. We did a private tour. It was super stormy. My husband’s competitive spirit came out as he raced our instructor. We were airborne a couple of times and I seemed to spend the whole tour in a “squatty potty” position, wailing like a banshee. That jet ski is a real transport of delight. Just make sure you wear some kind of snorkel mask or sporty tight sunglasses with a strap to protect your eyes. 
2. Snorkeling with sharks and sting rays tour. There are different options to approach the island sharks - you can snorkel with them, ride on a special boat with a transparent bottom to watch them from a safe and dry place, or dive with them. We decided on a snorkeling tour first. There are 2 types of sharks - small lemon sharks about 2-3 feet long. Friendly, fussy, and greedy for the food tourists feed them, they swim near the surface. Underneath them, the real surprise was waiting for us - big nurse sharks. About 6 feet. The best part of the snorkeling tour were the sting rays. They behaved just like puppies - literally jumping on people and playing around.
3. Diving. Diving tour includes 2 locations:  deep sea diving and coral garden in the lagoon. The deep sea diving is quite a rough experience due to the current and sharks. After our first dive in the open sea, the coral garden seemed like a warm and quiet swimming pool. The underwater flora and fauna are extremely beautiful.
4. Fishing. There are also 2 types of fishing - deep sea fishing with a big boat equipped with many rods, and lagoon fishing with a small boat. We went with a smaller boat and caught beautiful fish which were then cooked special for us by Four Season Chef.
5. All the water activities on site - free paddle boards, canoes, snorkel gear and a coral garden right at the hotel territory.
There are many other beautiful activities on Bora Bora - fine dining, yachting, safaris. Tahitian black pearls (some places give you an options to dive and hunt for your own pearl), and of course, Spa's.
Last but not least, make sure to plan your activities in advance and don’t forget the K’UL Chocolate to fuel your adventure!

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