The Power of Herbal Ingredients & Dark Chocolate

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Herbal Maca & Fruit Bar

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

We may not even be fully aware of it, but we apply the concept of herbal and natural medicines to our lives on a daily basis through the foods that we consume.

Sipping green tea has been shown to support improved brain function and offer powerful antioxidants. We add flaxseed and hemp to smoothies for protein and fiber. The turmeric root is highly documented to reduce inflammation in the body. Lavendar scented lotions, valerian root and chamomile tea help calm the mind, and cranberry is widely known for helping support the healing of urinary tract infections.

All of these, and multiple other sources are considered herbal, or natural medicines, nature’s remedies for what ails the human body. Despite the wide-ranging global use of plant medicine, in researching different culture’s use of plants, scientists have discovered that much of the world uses the same plants and materials, regardless of demographic or geographic location.

Many pharmaceuticals available to modern medicine were derived from natural remedies, such as opium, quinine, and aspirin. Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine is based on the use of these natural sources.  Indigenous cultures used sophisticated healing rituals, rich in history and the use of plant-based medicine; a tradition handed down over generations, and the use of tribal healers, the revered Medicine Man. The Mayan and Aztec cultures are widely known for their adoration of chocolate. Mayans revered chocolate, reserving its use with those in elite standing for their royal, religious and medicinal ceremonies. Pre-dating the Mayan culture, the Olmecs were the first people known to process cacao beans, and are credited with the fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding methods that remain the basis of modern chocolate processing.

K’ul Chocolate uses specific herbal ingredients to provide unique health benefits. The dark chocolate used in K’ul Chocolate bars is a health superfood, known to be high in nutrients, fiber, iron and other minerals. Dark chocolate contains mainly good fats that support heart health, and powerful antioxidants.  We enrich our bars with acknowledged herbal remedies to provide a multi-dimensional focus on good health. Our Endurance bar contains guarana, a seed that produces a highly concentrated form of caffeine, a natural stimulant that has been proven to enhance athletic performance, support weight loss and reduce mental and physical fatigue. The Maca found in our Maca and Fruit bar is widely used to treat menopause symptoms in women by reducing hot flashes, calming night sweats and treating sleep issues associated with this physical change. Maca also supports consistent moods, can increase fertility, enhance brain health and has been shown to increase bone density and boost energy. K’ul Chocolates are not only good for you, but they taste delicious, too.

Our bars are designed to support the body through a whole foods lifestyle, to enhance athletic performance for endurance training, impacting your health through cumulative efforts in nutrition and exercise, being diligent of our own health by choosing foods with natural components. Nature is a powerful healer, and the use of herbal medicine is an acknowledgement of our ancestors experience and understanding of how best to care for our body.

Although there still remains a gap between the full understanding of herbal remedies and their ability to support our health, the studies are beginning to show more acceptance and proven outcomes than in previous years.

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