From Gym to Wine Bar with K'UL bean-to-bar

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The ancient healer Hippocrates once said, “You are what you eat.” Runners, bikers, and other athletes of all levels need to consume the right types and amounts of food in order to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and to adequately restore the energy and nutrients depleted during training and competition. Improper nutrition is one of the most frequent causes of injury and fatigue. Athletes on-the-go need a quick, easy solution to keep them healthy and fueled —  like an energy bar. Unfortunately in this case, taste is usually sacrificed over nutritional benefits.

Here at K’UL, we know how to create functionality and great taste all in one. Our signature products, and the genesis of the whole company, are 3 functional energy bars made from 70% dark, artisan chocolate. They consist of powerful superfoods, some of which provide natural energy boosters, while others assist in recovery. Whether used before, during, or after your workout, each bar will provide an outstanding gourmet experience at the same time.

We make our chocolate from bean-to-bar at our small workshop in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. We have chosen beans with the best flavor and genetic heritage which are then fermented using modern equipment and methods. We have found the optimal roasting time and temperature for the best flavors to be brought out of our beans. Finally, we have a patented conching process that smooths out the chocolate and enhances the essence of our artisanal 70% dark chocolate. This is why K’UL chocolate is so mild, smooth and delicious.

Of course, you don’t have to be working out to enjoy our chocolate. We’ve crafted 3 additional bars you can enjoy purely for their artisanal taste. And of course, what better way to enjoy dark chocolate than with wine! To enhance the taste and bring to light all the nuances of each flavor, we advise you with these pairings:

Limited Edition – Pair this bar with a heavy Merlot. The alcohol by volume (ABV) is not very high, but the big fruit flavor makes it an easy choice for the Limited Edition bar.

Endurance, Saltsation - Pair both of these with the Obsidian Cabernet Sauvignon. The rich flavors from the Cabernet blend with the salt from the Saltsation bar, and the salt from the pumpkin seeds in the Endurance bar. The cranberries also go well with the strong currant flavor in the Cabernet.

Maca & Fruit - This bar is paired with Ramazzotti Zinfandel. It is a deep rich red wine that has a big berry note that pairs with the fruit in the bar. A peppery finish in the wine also compliments the bar.

Pure - This chocolate bar is the darkest in flavor and structure. It needs to be paired up with a wine with a high amount of ABV. Pair it with Madeira, which is a Tawny Port style wine. The port is 19% ABV and is full of intense flavors like caramel, brown sugar, and hazelnuts. While Pure is the bar of choice for this wine, we could have easily matched all of the K’UL bars with a port.

In general, we think that the higher the alcohol level in a wine, the better it is going to pair with K’UL chocolates. Stick to red and or port wines with bold tastes for the best flavor combination.

So, you can eat your Endurance bar before your next race, or if you forget, you can always enjoy it later with your friends and some wine! 

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Big thanks to Dustin Diede from Napa Valley, our bike and wine expert whom we were happy to meet at Interbike in Las Vegas for helping us to prepare this blog post! 


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