K'UL on the Trail: Quetico Provincial Park

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Canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park

A few weeks ago my 17 year old son Lukas and I embarked on our annual canoe trip to the in southern Ontario. It has been a family tradition for more than 50 years to spend time in canoes, on the lakes and rivers, enjoying some of the most pristine wilderness in the world. The desire for television, video games, newspapers, smart phones, email just melts away replaced by the wind, the trees, and the water.

Paddling on the river and across the lakes, at times against the wind, requires a lot of energy. The long stretches of paddling and upper body output are broken up by portages – an activity that is very demanding of the lower body as you carry your canoe and packs full of supplies over rocks and through muddy swamps. Food on the trail takes on major importance.  It has to taste good and has to provide serious nutrition.

In our family trail lunch has meant crackers, peanut butter, jam, cheese, salami and always dark chocolate. Part of the inspiration for starting K’UL Chocolate was those power lunches that are packed with calories but are also easy to store, carry, and eat.


Canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park

On this trip we had the first editions of K’UL Chocolate energy bars and found ourselves eating them for breakfast, after lunch, and late in the afternoon for a pick me up. The combination of dark chocolate with fruit, nuts, or salt worked really well to sustain our bodies and spirit. The convenient size of the bars and the durable packaging allowed us to travel smart.

All in all it was a successful real world test for K’ul Chocolate and our mission – Chocolate is not candy. Chocolate is food.

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